Features of Solid Watercolor

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Solid Watercolor has a relatively low water content and is in a solidified and dry state. When using it, you need to use a pen dipped in water to smear the surface of the paint and dissolve the paint for use.

Tube-packed watercolor paints contain more water and are in the form of a paste, which can be squeezed into a watercolor palette and mixed with water and other colors with a pen.

The difference is that the glue and toner in the former pigment are mixed evenly and are not easy to separate. The stability of the pigment in the tube is not as good as that of Solid Watercolor. After a long time, it will be degummed in the tube. The common problem is that the newly purchased pigment is squeezed out after opening. The glue is followed by the pigment, so the content of the glue in the pigment is difficult to ensure a stable ratio, which is not very good.

However, Chinese students who are accustomed to using tube-packed gouache paints and tube-packed traditional Chinese painting paints are more difficult to adapt to using Solid Watercolor, and prefer to squeeze them out of the tubes. In fact, there is no benefit, and it will only increase waste.

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