How to choose the model of watercolor brush for beginners

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Let's first take a look at the shape and model of the watercolor brush. There are many kinds of watercolor brushes, namely round brushes, square pens, stick solid pens, bevel pens, fan-shaped pens, long-tipped pens, etc. But round heads, squares, and fan shapes are more commonly used now. We will introduce these three.

1. Round brush

The round head is a must-have watercolor brush for beginners, and the round head brush is also divided into two types: blunt nib and sharp nib. A slightly blunt nib can be used for coloring, while a round-tip brush with a sharp tip can be used to draw fine lines of various shapes and caricatures. Whether it is delicate lines or large-scale coloring, the round-tip brush can be used to complete .

2. Flat brush

The flat-tip brush is suitable for drawing regular blocks and regular edges, and is mostly used for drafting and early-stage depiction. Use to create broad, sweeping strokes. You can also try dragging the brush around to draw a circle.

3. Fan brush

The advantages of flat brushes and round brushes are that you can draw regular lines, and you can also do stippling, with rich changes. Even better subtlety. It is mostly used to draw places with obvious texture effects.

You can also choose a brush set directly, such as Watercolor Oil Painting Artist Brushes

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