Steel Structure Support Arm System

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Steel Structure Support Arm System

1. Features and advantages

1. Suitable for the installation of steel structure beams, without drilling and welding

2. 4 long strip holes design, easy to install and adjust

3. Applicable to I-beams with flange width ranging from 75-300mm

4. 2 through bolts must be installed crosswise

5. Material carbon steel surface hot-dip galvanizing treatment (zinc layer thickness 55um)

2. single set of accessories

Product nameSpecificationsI-beam flange width (B)Bolt hole spacing (C)Floor width (D)SurfaceUnitAmount
Steel baseWH-S90/4 20075-165 mmmm 200mm 280Hot dipA1
Steel baseWH-S90/4 300165-235 mm300 mm350 mmHot dipA1
Steel baseWH-S90/4 350235-300 mm350 mmmm 430Hot dipA1
Heavy lock nutM12///Hot dipA2
Square neck boltsM12x100///Hot dipA2
Heavy steel beam clampM12x85///Hot dipSet4
End coverWH-EC90///OrangeA1

3.Recommended force value of arm support system composed of steel structure base WH-S90/4and heavy channel steel

Arm length (mm)Load Type 1: Uniform distributionLoad Type 2: Concentrated ForceLoad type 3Load type 4Load type 5
S= short arm LS= long arm
S 500 arm length2820282014101410940
L 1000 arm length13401340670670440

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